A little background…

Michael Patrick McSorley was born to a family of giants on a stiflingly-hot day on the 21st of May, 1982 in the small valley town of Ojai, California.

Whilst residing in the nearby town of Ventura, the young McSorley started exhibiting an aptitude for the literary arts at the age of three; learning to read road signs and the buttons on an awe-inspiring and brand-new piece of high-technology—The VCR — so that he could repeatedly watch one of the greatest stories ever told- “The Making of the Pop King Michael Jackson’s Thriller”.

By the age of 8 he had grown to the inconceivable size of 5 feet tall, and dwarfed his nearest contemporaries.It was at that time that his fate was decided—he would follow in the footsteps of his older and equally-large siblings and compete in the fast-paced, modern gladiatorial arena forged by Naismith the Terrible;a 94’ x 50’ polygon called a “basket-ball court”.

After a decade of service in the trenches of adolescent combat under the banners of various local clans, He was forced to flee the deserts of the Kingdom of California for fear that the Evil Terminator King Schwarzenegger was coming to destroy all that he held dear… but where was he to go?

He thought long and hard, and recalled myths from his childhood about a far-away land; bejeweled with emeralds and endless opportunity that lie far to the north; a seaside community of tree-loving grunge druids named for the ancient chief Si’atl’. Having formed his plan, he departed his former lands and set out for the northlands on the ides of September on the 2000th year of the common age.

Eschewing sleep and nutrients he arrived at his destination in record time, and entered the auspices of a local tribe- a fraternal group bonded together to learn the dark secrets of the land. At that time, he soon discovered that he had an acute business acumen, and began his apothecarial training upon a chance meeting with a secretive alchemist known only by the letter “D”.

In the following years he soon unlocked the secret languages of many far-away lands; and upon completing his training found himself at a crossroads; return to the land of his origin- entering a house of entertainment, or stay in his current land and create a new path that he could truly call his own.

Choosing the latter, He started to operate in Seattle, Washington; vending victuals for fun and profit at various locations that allowed his creativity and optimism to flourish. After 5 years of serving the denizens of the great city of Seattle, he then set off to proselytize the good word of his art form in to all corners of the world; and currently resides in Delhi, India; working to engage new markets and help develop a new breed of classic and modern cocktail connoisseur. This page is his attempt to document that process.



  1. Young Michael started prefacing his opinions around age three with, “As a matter of fact…”

  2. Lest we forget his convocation on the great island-metropolis of The Manahatta with some of the greatest McSologists of his age… including, among others, The Legendary Timo Janse of the Seventy-Fourth Door, two mysteriously deep ladies from the land of his birth (Z and N), and a quasi-nemesis anti-hero known only as “The Shake” …

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