How to Use McSology Lewis Bags:

Best Lewis Bag Mcsology Mike McSorley Lady Konnyaku

After having bought a bag from Mike, or Lady Konnyaku’s Etsy,

Step 1: Hold bag by the flap with the opening facing outward

Step 2: Fill with the desired amount of ice

step 3: fold flap over opening and roll bag down until you have all of your ice in a nice pouch.

Step 4: Find a VERY sturdy surface (we don’t want you breaking your glass coffee table or putting dents in your family’s heirloom dining room table).

Step 5: crush ice with a large blunt object starting from rolled side down toward the end of the bag, then pound ice the opposite direction going from end to roll (watch your hands). Repeat as necessary to achieve desired consistency of ice. Any blunt object will do, but finding something with the right amount of heft, without being too heavy is ideal. A wooden Fish Billy Club is probably the best bang for your buck; They can be found at any sporting goods store… usually for less than $10. Wooden Carpenters’ mallets also do the job quite nicely.

Using a higher-volume of strikes of lower force gives a much finer consistency of ice without causing any excessive strain on the bartender’s arm and wrist, as well as preventing damage to the surface below the bag. Remember: Work Smarter, Work Longer!

Step 6: Unroll bag, insert ice scoop, and enjoy  the fruits of your labor in whichever manner you choose!

Step 7: Remove all unused crushed ice and store wet bag upside down using the attached loop. Alternatively, one could simply throw it into the dryer for 10-15 minutes if using in the home.



  1. Excellent! When we saw you use this, it makes total sense. I usually use a hammer in a plastic bag. Thanks for the great martini’s last Friday! Best we’ve had in a while.

  2. This is really a great bag.
    Where can I get one of these?


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